Mobile Alerts - How?

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I just enabled Mobile & Web apps.

My intent was to get schedule automated updates and then get alerts when new transactions came in (I am doing it with some of my accounts, not all) ...

Was able to successfully set it up, install the app, see and edit transactions on the phone and sync them back (via desktop) and it seems to be done what I wanted except ....No alerts whatsoever ...

Not App push notification.
Not SMS notification...
Not email notification...

I really don't care that much about emails and the SMS, I care only about push notifications ... This is so my spouse, who is responsible for most of the expenses can edit those in the app rather than me constantly nagging "what was X for ....".

But I can't figure out why notifications do not work. What is the best trouble shooting.

To be clear - I did set the following up the alerts in the Mobile & Web tab. 
And if you wonder why I think it does not work? a day after setting it up, a very large check came through ... It should have triggered multiple alerts but nothing showed up.

Does alerts working for others? when it works, does it work the way I am hoping?


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    r-e-l Member ✭✭✭
    Ok, might have been premature to think it's working well. I am missing some transactions ... I see them on desktop but not web and mobile.

    How does the mobile app get its update? Is it getting it from the Desktop App via cloud ? i.e. Download transactions on Desktop, Desktop updates cloud, mobile updating from the cloud OR ... does the cloud update itself on some interval (what is it?) and mobile just sync with it? i.e dont need to even run updates from the Desktop in order to see updates in mobile.


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