Why was ability to update a single account (ie send/receive bank transactions) removed?

David Cook
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I've just discovered after most recent software update of Quicken for Mac (to 6.11.12) that the ability to send/receive transactions for a single bank account has just been removed, without quicken mentioning it in advance to users. Now the choice is to Update All and then have to click no through all accounts you don't want to currently update.

Has anyone else had the experience of finding this out the hard way? Am I the only user who used the individual account update feature?

Coincidentally, a couple of days ago, I was forced to renew my annual Quicken software subscription.

Any thoughts from other users?



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    You may want to add your vote and comment for the Idea post to restore the previous functionality:


    As for why it was removed, only the developers can fully answer. But the heart of it is that the "single account" update actually never did exactly that. For Direct Connect accounts, it caused a download for all Direct Connect accounts at that financial institution; for Quicken Connect accounts, it caused a download of transactions from all Quicken Connect accounts across all institutions. This caused confusion for some users. And now that more and more financial institutions are dropping Direct Connect, it seems they decided to not continue to have the misleading single account download command on the menu.
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  • David Cook
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    Thanks for the insight.

    I never realized that it worked that way. Presumably because of my particular configuration of accounts, when I used the single account update on the bank that I use the most, it did exactly what I wanted: ie it updated my checking account.

    Note that, when one sets up an account for downloads, the process always shows the accounts at the chosen institution and requires the user to match up what's at the bank to what's in Quicken. So one would not really expect the update process to update other accounts than the one chosen.

    I would think the solution -- rather than removing the feature --would be to make it work according to what a computer science professor of mine once referred to as "the law of least astonishment," ie make it update the chosen account.

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