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WeBull Integration

It would be great to be able to link my WeBull brokerage account with Quicken. WeBull has become very popular, is growing like crazy and I'm sure many people would appreciate the ability to link the investment account


  • vividoc99
    vividoc99 Member
    I agree. Not sure why there's no linking
  • I was looking for this same option. How do yall manually enter your stocks?

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    In terms of downloads from a new financial institution, they need to initiate service with Quicken (actually, with Quicken's connectivity service provider, Intuit). You should be lobbying customer support at WeBull to support Quicken.

    Some financial institutions decide they don't want to deal with Quicken because it adds more customer support issues, possible security concerns, or unwillingness to pay Intuit to be a participating provider.

    @HeaveyHeadedJoker said: How do yall manually enter your stocks?

    I manually enter my transactions. To enter a manual transaction, you click on the account, click New, select the transaction type (Buy, Dividend, Reinvest Dividend, etc.) and fill in the rest of the transaction (security, number of shares, etc.). It's really pretty straighforward. Can you add more to what you're questioning?

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  • sgammon10
    sgammon10 Unconfirmed, Member

    You can accomplish this with a few extra steps:

    1. Go to, the clearing provider for Webull
    2. Create an account as a Client, using your account number displayed in Webull
    3. Activate the account so you can see your data in Apex
    4. Go into Quicken, add an account
    5. Search for Apex Clearing (there is an integration)
    6. Login with your details from Apex

    Then it should be able to sync. It works with both Webull IRA and Individual accounts.

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