how to edit split transaction for income transaction

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Need to update split on existing monthly income transaction .. can update each month individually but cannot seem to update the identical split for all future monthly income transaction (social security monthly income). Do I have to delete existing and rebuild transaction with updated split???


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    Are you actually talking about updating/editing your Reminders?
    You can do that by opening the Reminder list (TOOLS, Manage Bill and Income Reminders), clicking on the item you wish to change (Soc Sec in your example), clicking EDIT in the far right Action column and then selecting "Edit this instance and all future instances"

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  • jog1418
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    Thanks for reply but opening reminder list and editing doesn't allow me to change the "split" .. I can change the total amount but not alter the split to reflect changes to Soc. Security income and new amount to go to Part B ... at least on my computer alteration to split amounts are not allowed. Each month I have to enter manually which is irritating .. Thanks for any info ..
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