Quicken 2017 DeLuxe does not work. - in Brazil

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Please excuse my english.
I live in Brazil and have been using Quicken 2017 DeLuxe since 2017 (I bought it at Amazon Digital Services). I didn't use it for a few years because I got sick.
Now I tried to use it and the program no longer runs. I believe due to the upgrade to Windows 2010.
I already removed the program and reinstalled it, but it didn't solve it.
What do I need to do to get the program working again?


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    First off, your English is excellent ... I only wish that my Portuguese was as good.
    Quicken has discontinued support for Q2017, so you'll need to upgrade to a newer version.  Recent changes have disabled the ability to even install, or re-install, Q2017.

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  • Ferreira
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    Many thanks for the clarifications.
    It's not the answer I would like to have, but now I know the way to solve the problem.
    Thank you one more time!
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