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We've been using Quicken Deluxe on several Windows PCs & laptops with Dropbox for transfer & backup since 1995. We would like to add an Apple iPad into the mix. So far from what I have read the IOS version is different and not really compatible. Sounds like we would have to switch to the Quicken cloud version. Lots of questions there - where does Dropbox fit, is all history available, anyone done this with success? BTW we do not use transaction downloads - all entries are manual, if that simplifies it. Sorry for the long winded entry - just trying to show the whole picture of where we are and where would like to be.
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    There isn't any "Quicken cloud version".  There is Quicken Desktop where you sync partial data to the Quicken Cloud dataset the Mobile/Web app reads/updates.  There is another product called Simplfiy, which is cloud based, it doesn't rea/import Quicken data files so you would have to start over, and for the investments it only has "simple investing", no investment transactions from what I understand.
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