Quicken Hangs Up when Setting Up Online Services for Capital One

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I just created a copy of my file to start fresh in 2023. The accounts all look fine -- balances are fine, desired transactions were included in the new file, etc.

I now need to connect each account to its bank. I use this method:

1. Right click account in account listing.
2. Select Edit/Delete Account.
3. Click "Online Services" tab.
4. Add the user name and password and (for some accounts) any additional confirmation steps.

This worked fine with the credit union and one credit card. However, when I do this for the Capital One account -- Quicken hangs up and I have to use Task Editor to kill it.

Because of earlier issues with Capital One connections with Quicken, I tried logging in to the Capital One website to insure that something there wasn't causing Quicken to hang up, but the same problem was encountered.

Any tips?


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