YTD returns are not accurate or even close to accurate

The "Return (%) YTD" is not accurate. For example, one of my Mutual funds Fidelity Growth Company FDGRX shows return YTD as 1.20% when it is actually 6.04% as of 1/13/23 (confirmed at Fidelity website for quote on 1/16/23). How can it be so far off? I also did an annual calculation of return report in Quicken for 2023 which assumes current price is 12/31/2023 price and that arrives at 6.04% return for the assumed 12-month period ending 12/31/2023 and that agrees with Fidelity YTD return through 1/13/23. This YTD return number use to be correct in Quicken but sometime during 2022 I started seeing erroneous information. If you have held an investment since the beginning of the year with no changes in holdings this should be a pretty simple calculation, or the info should be readily available for mutual funds from a reliable source like Morningstar. Where is Quicken getting this info or how is Quicken calculating this number?


  • q_lurker
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    Return (%) YTD is a downloaded value for the specific security, not a value based on information in your file (your buys, sells, div, etc.).  I don't know how frequently it is updated.  Still ... ? 

    On Yahoo finance this afternoon (no trading today), for FDGRX I see a YTD Return as -33.78.  
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    -33.78% is 2022 performance not YTD performance for 2023. thanks for obscuring the issue.
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    I'm not trying to obscure the issue.  I am saying different sources can show different values.  As such, I tend not to value Quicken's Return % YTD.

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    Where is Quicken getting this info or how is Quicken calculating this number?

    Quicken is not calculating this number (Return % YTD).

    At one time Markit was a source.  I don't know if it still is since it was acquired by S&P Global.  Quicken, Inc. generally does not reveal their data suppliers.

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    If you search this forum for Return (%) YTD you will find numerous reports that the downloaded Return (%) data is incorrect, usually because it is out of date.

    Forum Moderators sometimes review issues discussed here and refer them to Development, but if you want Quicken to work on a problem, I recommend you contact Support via phone.  Be sure the support agent understands the problem and gives you a ticket number for future reference.

    You should also use the Help > Report a Problem menu in Quicken to submit the issue online. In your submission, be as clear and thorough as possible. Reference the ticket number and provide a link to this discussion. Provide step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. You will not get a response to an electronic submission, but they say they review and prioritize the submissions. 

    Updates on problems that Quicken has acknowledged are posted here

    Quicken never says when a problem is expected to be resolved.

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