Miscellaneous Bugs & Annoyances

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1. Trying to memorize a split transaction (right click on transaction, select memorize) brings up "Do you want to create a new category called --SPLIT--. Uh no, I want to memorize the transaction with the split. This is a new bug. See screen capture.

2. This ancient annoyance persists. If I have a memorized Payee (or address book entry) with the brackets (to distinguish between same payee with different purpose and categories), Quicken pops-up the "Characters after { will not print" twice. I see no way of suppressing this message and it should not pop-up twice.

3. In trying to enter a bug report to Quicken via Quicken Help, you cannot backspace in the Subject field without clearing the entire field. So if you make one small character mistake, backspace clears the entire field.

4. Please Quicken, give us more useful tags for posts here.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I can't reproduce #1 or #3.

    #2 has been there since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    I don't any information on what version you are using.  I don't think it will matter, but it is important to check apples against apples.  I suspect data file corruption for the Split problem, I would try Validate and Repair, and restoring from a backup.

    One #3 it sounds like the subject line has somehow gotten selected, so that when you hit backspace it is supposed to delete the whole thing.  But like @Rocket J Squirrel I can reproduce it.
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