How do I edit all details of one instance, of a recurring bill? (Q Mac)

Due to the recent storms, California has extended the payment deadlines for federal and state income taxes - as well as the 4th estimated tax payment for last year, and the 1st estimated payment for this year - to May 15th (see

I have recurrences in my Quicken schedule for each of these entries (quarterly estimated + actual tax payments, for both Federal and State), and would like to update the applicable instances to reflect the new dates - as well as provide myself a comment as to why these are off-cycle (to help with future reviews/reports). But, I do not want to change the schedule of this entire recurrence itself - since after these next few months, the schedule will revert to the standard one.

Unfortunately, while I can update the date or the amount for one particular instance, I cannot update the tags or notes associated with that instance. Why not? I don't wish to "Mark as Paid" (it has NOT yet been paid; I need to keep it as a reminder), I don't wish to "Skip this instance" (it still NEEDS to be paid), and I don't wish to "Edit All Instances" - I just want to make updates to additional fields for this particular entry.

Does Quicken really not allow for such a situation? Do I have to find some odd workaround (e.g. skip this instance, but then manually create a new one-time scheduled entry for each of these), just to be able to add notes to the next instances?


  • Jon
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    I think the only way to handle that would be to change the existing scheduled payment so it skips over the next two payments, so the next payment is the one that's back on the normal schedule. Then create new scheduled payments for the ones that are delayed.
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  • CyborgOne
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    Yep, that's what I was afraid of - thanks for the response, @Jon. Certainly a logical, and fairly easy, workaround - but frustrating, nonetheless. 

    If Quicken already provides for editing a single (next) instance, why not allow for editing ALL fields of that instance?  A possible enhancement request, to be logged?
  • RickO
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    CyborgOne said:
      A possible enhancement request, to be logged?
    This might be what you're looking for: Re: In Q Mac, Edit Transaction Instance for ANY Future Transaction Like Windows Versions
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  • gregneg
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    You could just go online with the Feds and California and tell them to come and get your money. You set the amounts and times.  
       You get to keep your Quicken cash flow coordination records --- without using them as a check-writing reminder.



      I'll definitely agree that we need to be able to edit more in those scheduled payments --- like Memo/Notes/ Attachments.
  • jacobs
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    CyborgOne said:
    If Quicken already provides for editing a single (next) instance, why not allow for editing ALL fields of that instance?  A possible enhancement request, to be logged?
    Because the future transactions don't actually exist in the database. A scheduled transaction is a template for creating future transactions; as such, it cannot accommodate each future transaction being different. Of course, they could re-design the way scheduled transactions work, but it would be a significant architectural change the program.
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