Can someone assist me in finding out a way to show YTD, 3YR, and 5YR annualized performance

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Hi,I am new to Quicken for Mac. Struggling with how to find a way to show and annalized percent performance for my retirement portfolio YTD, 3YR and 5YR. It does not allow customizing a column for this. Also, I have several accounts (at Vanguard) that only allow for simple investing information and are not detailed - is this why I cannot get this data?


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    @KRB On the Portfolio screen, set the filters above the graph for "Performance" and "By Security". Now click the columns icon and you will see there are columns you can add for IRR for YTD, 1-year, 3-year and 5-year intervals, and ROI for total ROI as well as the same YTD, 1-year, 3-year and 5-year intervals.

    If you have Simple Investing enabled for some accounts, I don't think Quicken has the data it would need to calculate ROI and IRR. (I don't use Simple Investing on my accounts, so I don't know for sure; perhaps someone else can jump in to answer that.) I suggest you try what I described above for one of your non-Vanguard accounts, and then for one of your Vanguard accounts, to see the impact of the investment tracking selection. 

    FYI, for Vanguard, if you change your connection type from Quicken Connect to Direct Connect, you can switch to Detailed Tracking, if you want to. There's currently some problem with Vanguard, specifically, which is not allowing Detailed Tracking if the connection type is set to Quicken Connect. My understanding is that the problem is still being investigated, and it's not clear whether the problem is at Vanguard's end or Intuit's end (Intuit handles connectivity services for Quicken).
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