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I'm a long time user of Quicken going back into the 1990s. One of my favorite and most useful tools is the Lifetime Planner. I've used it to run all kinds of scenarios on financial moves, purchases, retirement planning, etc. I recently made the switch from my old Windows computer to a new iMac at the behest of my son (he works for Apple). I was worried about my Quicken file and maintaining the rich information I've created over the decades (I can tell you when I purchased every car over the last decades and what I paid for it). After migrating my Quicken file into the new Mac software I cannot find the Lifetime Planner information. Please, please, please someone tell me where it is in the new Mac software. I'm getting cold sweats!!!!


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    I'm sorry to inform you that there is not (yet) a Lifetime Planner feature in Quicken Mac. (This information is available on Quicken's web page comparing the various versions of Quicken.)

    As you may know, Quicken Mac was re-written from the ground upon the past decade, and the developers are constantly working to add additional features from Quicken Windows and the legacy Quicken Mac 2007 — but there are hundreds of feature requests, and the progress is comparatively slow. The developers are well aware of the interest in the Lifetime Planner, but haven't yet committed whether or when to build this feature; they are always assessing how much time features are expected to take, and which ones they think will have the greatest impact for users. Please visit this web page where users are asking Quicken to build it, and add your vote. (In the yellow box under the first post, click the little dark gray arrow to increment the counter.) You can also add your comments about how you found this feature useful or what you used it for. 
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