Security Listing Residue

I came across what appears to be generic mutual fund securities in my security list. Some of them like the ones shown in the picture have small fractional shares associated with them. The origin of the quicken data file goes back at least 20 years and I have no recollection of when or how these securities were added to my file. I am curious if someone happens to know something about these.


  • NotACPA
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    Find the last SELL transaction for each of those securities and change it to a "Sell All" without changing the dollar amount.  That will get rid of this residue.

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  • Snorkle
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    I forgot to mention that there are no transactions in the quicken file for these securities.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    If no transactions use the securities, you should be able to go to the Security List (Ctrl-Y) and delete them.
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  • Snorkle
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    @NotACPA was right as it turns out. I found transactions for these securities in an archived data file. They were associated with a 401(K) that I rolled over into an IRA in 2009. Now that I have found the account where these securities traded I can fix the residual share problem because the transactions are actually in my current data file, in an account that has been hidden for 10+ years.