Why do my downloaded transactions from a Rabbi Trust round price to two digits?

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When I download a qfx file from a Rabbi Trust, they import to Quicken well, but instead of fixing the shares to 3 decimal digits as reported on the Rabbi Trust websight, transactions imported to Quicken, round the share price to 2 digits and the shares to six digits. Account value is totally off. Can I control this in quicken?


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    The problem might be associated with these statements from Quicken:
    QFX is the file format used when downloading transactions from your bank's website (Web Connect).

    The import and export of financial data using the QXF file format is limited to the accounts, transactions, scheduled transactions, categories, and tags of non-investment and non-business accounts.
    The import and export of investment and business accounts, transactions, budgets, attachments, reports, and application settings is not supported by QXF.

    If you can peek inside the QFX file you might be able to see what information they are actually sending to you to see if that's the source of the problem.
    But, generally, the way to get in sync with what you're seeing at their site is to edit the transaction, a "Bought" action presumably, by first changing the number of shares to the 3 decimal figure and then entering the dollar amount IN TOTAL for the transaction.  Quicken will then "back calculate" the per share price needed to get to that total.  That will make the transaction mimic exactly what you're seeing at the Rabbi Trust.

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