My one year subscription ended, let it pass as don't need to connect outside of MAC.

Now I can't print checks. It says the function required me to renew. This was not the case with the previous subscription I purchased for a PC 10 year ago.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    What version of Quicken Mac do you have? Is it Starter or Deluxe? What number version? 

    What worked 10 years ago is no longer relevant; the entire software industry has changed over the course of a decade. 

    In general, think you should be able to print checks with an expired subscription, unless perhaps if you have the Starter version. Could you please post a copy of the error message you are seeing? (Capture the screenshot and drag it into the Comment text area.) That might give us additional insight and direction. 
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  • ZTflat4Monall?
    You are right. Can't work with expired Starter edition but can with Deluxe. Should have bought Deluxe from the start. Did today
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