Entering more than 10 lines in bill and income reminders

Utah Ron
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I noticed that my upcoming months have a problem. I have used the bill and income reminders for years with no problem listing 20+ items. Beginning in 2023 I list all items, but when I view them later, only 10 items are listed with the remaining balance listed in line 11. I am unable to list separately any items beyond 10 in both income and bills.


  • lhossus
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    Please provide a screenshot illustrating this problem.  You can do this by dragging the screenshot file into your reply comment - it will appear wherever the cursor is when you drop the file.

    Be sure to include the title, headings, settings, etc. at the top of the bill and income reminders.
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    @Utah Ron This question was posted in a Quicken Mac category, but I see your Profile says you are a Quicken Windows user. Which product are you referring to? I'm guessing Quicken Windows, because the 10-line split limit is a known problem with Quicken Windows since a recent release. I'm exclusively a Mac user, so I'm only peripherally aware of issue on the Windows side, but you might want to search the forum in the Quicken Windows categories for any discussions about this issue and what is known. (And let us know if you are referring to Quicken Windows, so we can have a moderator move your comment to a Quicken Windows category, where you'll get better visibility and responses.)
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