Transaction Upload Capability into Account Registers (Q Mac)

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My banking and Credit Card institutions do not support Webconnect and therefore I cannot simply import my transactions into quicken. Doing this manually for my household accounts is very time consuming. I do have the ability from my institutions to download transactions in .csv or .exl format. It would be great to have a built int tool to design your own transactional data load and conversion file for various accounts and institution that could be managed by the user.


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    Which banks would that be? US or Canadian?
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    Quicken doesn't allow this because part of their business model is tied to Intuit charging fees for connectivity services. Additionally, allowing users to create their own imports into Quicken could result in abnormal data which potentially causes problems, problems which users will expect Quicken to provide support to fix. So I don't think they will allow users to import .csv files. 

    There are some third party software developers out there who sell utilities which convert data from .csv into a QFX format you can import onto Quicken. They do this by spoofing the ID numbers of financial institutions which support Quicken, so this is technically a questionable business practice, but it's been out there for years. Quicken doesn't allow discussion of third-party software on this site, but if you Google CSV to QFX, you'll be able to see what's out there. 
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