How to import data from Discover Card

Discover has informed me that they no longer support Quicken. The downloads option no longer includes Quicken type of format. So, now how can I load Discover card transactions?


  • I just learned this as well. Also Schwab no longer supports quicken downloads from their website. There is also a long security note from schwab about handing over your account passwords to 3rd party entities. data breaches are everywhere. It would be great if quicken would change to all excel/.csv file uploads.
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    Check out ImportQIF by QuicknPerlWiz ( ).
    It will take the downloaded .CSV file, map and convert it to a .QIF and then prompt Quicken to import the file directly into Quicken.
    I personally use it myself and it does a great job.  It is not hard to use and QPW does a good job of answering question on it use.  BTW, it is free.

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