Monthly Expense showing up as a positive number

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Hello, I lost my quicken data, unrecoverable. Had a backup that is over a year old. Reinstalled Quicken 2012, imported the last backup, and rebuilt current information. Regular monthly expense entered as positive numbers in one instance, shows up as an upcoming expense, but another monthly bill, an expense as well, shows up with -$0.00 in the splits with a large +$0.00 of double the bill amt, to equal a positive number. For instance, $-250.00 to cable bill, shows up in the split info as -$250 then a +$500 below that, that I did not enter, to equal +$250 overall. Looks like and is calculating as income, not as an expense. Tried deleting all remaining reminders and re-entering, but the same thing happens. This is tweaking my overall budget.


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    I think that you're using the AMOUNT column in your checking register. I base this thought upon your usage of a minus sign with amounts.
    Try using the PAYMENT and DEPOSIT columns instead, as they're much more straightforward than figuring out the AMOUNT column.
    You can change the column usage via the GEAR icon in the upper right of the register.
    Bottom Line, I think that you may have an incorrect sign, in the AMOUNT column, for 1 or more transactions.

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    Hello, thank you so much for replying. I am using the Payment and Deposit columns, not the Amount view. Also, when I look at my Bills then Projected Balances, the "bills" that are incorrect, showing up oddly as described above, actually are being "added" to my balance, not subtracted. So weird.
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