sidebar total shows basis, not current market value

I added 2 Fidelity 529 accounts to my portfolio, and entered an "Add Shares" transaction to match total #of shares and total basis (lifetime contributions-to-date). The total value shown in the left sidebar is the total basis, not the current market value. Other Fidelity accounts show current market value correctly.
Interestingly, if I then edit the basis to some bogus $999,999 total, the value displayed on the left does not change -- still shows the original basis. Suggestions?


  • stewch9
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    Additional observation: the security in the 529 is a "target date" Fidelity fund that QMac can't identify. On QWindows, the security price history was updated via OSU, and account market value displays correctly
  • Jon
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    If Quicken can't identify the security then it can't download prices for it. In that case, the only prices it will have are the prices you entered when adding transactions involving that security. It sounds like you only have a single Add Shares transaction so the only price it will have is the original purchase price you entered as part of that transaction; that means the only value Quicken will show for that fund is the original cost basis.

    If you can't find a symbol for that fund that QMac will recognize, you'll have to enter prices for that fund by hand. Open the Securities window, select the fund and click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the window. Select the price history tab and from there you can enter dates & prices.
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  • jacobs
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    For entering a price manually, you can also do it from the Portfolio window. If it isn't set the way already, set the filters to "Portfolio Value" and "By Security". Click on the security in question, and click on Edit Share Price. A small window opens where you can enter a price and date.
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  • stewch9
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    Thank you both. I'll enter some price data manually and see if that corrects the total in the left sidebar.