Flag favorite (or most used) accounts with a star in the Sidebar (Q Mac)

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I would like to be able to identify my most used accounts with a star (or any other icon) beside their name in the sidebar. As I have close to 40 accounts in total my most used accounts are lost in the list. With a star to the left of their name would make them more obvious and would allow me to select them faster.


  • jacobs
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    You can edit the account names and add an asterisk as a prefix. This also moves them to the top of the account group they're in; viewing the new order requires you to quit and re-launch Quicken. Like this:

    * XYZ Visa
    ABC Mastercard

    I actually use numbers as prefixes, so I can put the accounts (with a group) in the order I want:

    1-XYZ Visa
    3-ABC Mastercard

    Until the developers create a way for us to customize the amount order and groups in the left sidebar, this is about the only thing you can do to have some control over the account order. 
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  • Snurch2000
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    Thanks jacobs for your suggestion. It’s a good option for now and I will use it.
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