Quicken does not recognize special addaptive selections by users who have special needs.

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I have tried to install Quicken (for the PC on Windows 11). Because of my selections of adaptive configurations I have now received three screens with some sort of indication that I should make some choice. Unfortunately the indications for choosing are some number of icons down the left hand side of the screen with NO TEXT beside them. The last one indicated that I should select my existing file from three options but all three possibilities have NO TEXT indicating what I am selecting. This is quite frustrating!
In addition when I was using my previously installed Quicken I frequently got a new screen after making some selection. That screen was awaiting my response regarding some task that Quicken was doing or wanted to do. Unfortunately, these screens were incomplete: The controls to resize or move the screen were not available. In addition, all places where I could indicate what I had done or what I wanted to do were permanently hidden below the bottom of the screen. Surely this is not what was intended by the program designers.
Users may need to magnify the contents of the screen or make the screen colors have more contrast. In my experience, Quicken ignores these needs. This is not acceptable.


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    Surely this is not what was intended by the program designers.
    It is my opinion that the Quicken Windows developers has never been designed with people with special needs in mind.

    Years ago, I was trying to help out people that needed to use screen readers with Quicken.  I tried to write code for the main screen reader that they were using to get around all the problems with trying to read parts of Quicken.  Part of that effort was to try with a couple of such users to point out parts in Quicken that needed to change to support this effort.  Not only didn't Quicken developers put in any changes to help, but every new feature GUI element they added were even more incompatible with the screen readers.  In the end it was a complete failure.
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