Show reported dividend and interest in budget

I cannot get dividend income (reported by broker download as '_Div") into budget.Same with interest income (shows as '-Int).


  • Tom Young
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    The correct Categories are _DivInc and _IntInc.  The "actions" associated with those Catagories are Div and IntInc.  Assuming that the proper action is being downloaded then the Categories in the first sentence should be picked up by the Budget.
  • MontanaKarl
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    edited January 24
    In your Budget window, click the Manage Budget Categories button, then the Personal Income tab, and finally check the box for "Show hidden categories".  You'll now see _DivInc etc as in this screenshot so that you can add them to your budget:

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  • Metcalf
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    You guys correctly told me what to do. All is now fine. Thanks