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I'm having a very difficult time justifying paying a subscription after the last 2 years of things breaking more than getting fixed.


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    that's a very vague statement. What subscription do you have and why are you unhappy? I'm not scrutinizing, I am considering Quicken because I'm retiring soon, so I'm seriously wondering what the right approach is. Can't seem to find anything on a simple retirement account with an easy list of monetary accounts
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    @Rich Ard I'm not sure if you're just venting your frustration, or if you're looking for help or advice. If the latter, please start a new thread and provide specifics so people here might be able to offer help. If the former, I hear you; I don't think anyone will try to talk you out of moving on if you've decided Quicken no longer delivers enough value to you for what you pay for it. We all use Quicken differently, and have different experiences using it, so what's great or good enough for some isn't for others.

    @Billg88tl I offer you the same general comment as Rich: satisfaction with Quicken varies widely based on what you use it for, what you expect it to do for you, how you view the ~5-$6 monthly cost for helping manage your finances, and sometime what specific financial institutions you use (some are notably problematic, some are not). My general advice is to try it so you can decide for yourself, because no one else will be exactly the same as you. Quicken doesn't offer a trial, but when you purchase it, you can get your money back within 30 days if you decide it's not going to meet your needs. I'm a longtime Mac user and longtime Quicken users, and on the Mac platform, we've been through some ups and downs over a few decades; I feel things have been trending upward with Quicken Mac over the past several years (although connectivity issues with specific financial institutions can make some users feel otherwise). I'm happy with the mix of feature in Quicken which allows me to have all my transactional and investing history under one roof, and the program generally works quite well for me. (Of course, like most Quicken users, I have my wishlist of things I hope the developers will add or enhance or fix in the months and years ahead.) Quicken Windows is a different beast, a more robust program but one which is creaking under the weight of 3 decades of incremental software development; lately there seem to be more releases that break as much or more than they fix; some users are probably largely unaffected by problems and are rolling right along, while others like Rich are frustrated. 
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