Getting credit card transactions into checking register so I can get reports of all types of expense

When I download credit card transactions they go into a separate register and therefore I can't create a report that includes ALL transactions - cash, debit, check and credit card. The transactions are often categorized by my bank but these don't match my quicken categories. I have been therefore painstakingly splitting each credit card statement so I can get accurate reports. I've talked to people who tell me it is possible but they can't explain how. Please help.


  • volvogirl
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    Are you doing it this way?   You should not be splitting the credit card statement in your checking account.  The proper way is to set up a credit card ACCOUNT and enter the charges into it when the purchase is made and assigning it to a category. Then when you pay the credit card bill you TRANSFER the payment from your checking account to the credit card account (not a category).   Then if or when you download the payment from the bank you match it to the one you already entered.

    When you enter the payment in your checking account you put the credit card account name in for the category using square brackets around the name to indicate it is a this… [credit card] or newer Mac versions have a separate Transfer column.

    For reports, all you need to do is customize the report and include the credit card account. 
  • splasher
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    You can create reports that include more than one account, click on the Customize icon (gear) on the report screen to decide which accounts should be included in the report.
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