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When entering a company spinoff are the new entries from the new company supposed to be entered in the same account as its parent.
So for ATT <-name of my parent acct, are the entries created in this account, or should they be created in a separate account for the new company in this case WBD.


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    Most users would have the parent company in a Quicken account that includes many securities. In those cases it is natural for the spin-off company to be in the same account. 

    If you are starting with AT&T being the only company in the account, you have a choice. Keep with a one security per account setup or don’t. I see no value to that setup myself but you may have a different perspective. Either way can be done. 
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    If you need more detail on accounting for the ATT - WBD spin-off in Quicken, the main discussion is here:

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    And to avoid confusion, if like most investors you have accounts in Quicken that hold more than one security i.e. not "Single mutual fund" accounts, you should name the accounts to match the name of the brokerage that holds the securities.
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