Why does my paycheck amount keep changing?

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In early January, I updated my paycheck to reflect my 2023 deductions. Ever since, after a one step update, my paycheck in the projected balances, changes to $8.30 which just happens to be the same amount of my vision coverage that was added new in 2023. I click Edit, Edit this and all future instances, and once that dialog box opens, I just click done, without making any changes. Then the forecast will reflect the correct balances. Until the next day, when I do a update and the future paychecks return to $8.30

What the heck???


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    What  BUILD of Q are you running?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
    How are you entering your paycheck?  Are you using the Paycheck Wizard, or some other manner?
    How many LINES do you have in the Paycheck transaction?

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    edited January 2023
    The latest and no so greatest. R47.7 Build

    This check was originally created via the Paycheck Wizard many years ago. There are 15 items in this paycheck. 2 Earnings, 7 Pre-Tax Deductions, 4 Taxes and 2 After-Tax Deductions.

    I can literally watch it change during the OSU if I'm on the Projected Balances screen when I do the OSU.
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    So after no helpful replies, I decided to delete and recreate my paycheck. Seems like that fixed whatever the problem was.
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