Change logging. tracking down a change I made that has caused unexpected things to happen

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Is there a tool or reports that will list every change made in a given period? Everyday I update quicken with new transactions, adding reminders, and changing others. sometime I go back to recategorize transactions or splits to fix mistakes. Sometime I find out that something I did just messed everything up.

Is there a tool or report that lists everything I have done for a period of time so I can go back and look for the change I made that messed up


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    Hi @DANB64

    Unfortunately, there is no tool or report specifically designed to do what you want it to do.  You can print a report (or reports by account, or category, etc.) by dates - but not by "date entered in Quicken".  I suppose that you could make an entry of the date entered - and maybe even the time of day -in every memo field.  That would give you the data in the file but you probably couldn't easily sort it.

    I make a lot of backup files - especially when I am trying something different - so that I can easily start over, but that probably won't help you.  Sorry.


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    There's no keystroke by keystroke history tool available in Quicken.  I doubt that history even exists in Quicken's innards. 
    Backups are really the only source of "history" so I'd suggest making sure that Quicken backs up your file every time you shut down your file and selecting the maximum number (99) of backups to be retained.  Then set your "manual" backup reminders at a level such that you're making a backup every few days. 
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