Empower QFX Download File No Longer Available (edit)

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I have a retirement account with Empower and they used to provide a QFX file so that I could download and import into the corresponding account within Quicken. Unfortunately, they no longer are going to provide that. They do provide a CSV file, but this file only shows my deposits and doesn't include any gains or loss information. I just got off the phone with Empower and they suggested I contact Quicken for assistance. How can I still use Quicken to at the very least to show the balance of my retirement account? Is there anything that I can do with the CSV file that they do provide?


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    You can use the free ImportQIF to convert the CVS file to QIF and then import it.

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    I don't see how Empower thinks that Quicken can do magic.  If they have stopped providing the QFX and the CSV file that only shows your deposits, then it certainly isn't going to be usable to show your buys/sells.

    Sure, you can use ImportQIF to convert the CSV to a QIF or QFX to import that data, but it certainly isn't going be able to make up transactions that aren't there, all you would get is transactions for the deposits.  To maintain information on the securities there has to at least be transactions in it for the buys and sells and some column that can be used as the security action (Buy/Sell/Dividend/...).

    It sounds like manual entry is the only way maintain that account.
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