How to change currency in All Transactions and Net Worth

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I have the Canadian Edition, Version R46.12 for Windows.
I just imported my data from Quicken for Mac into the Windows version and the currency is displayed in USD vice CAD.
The individual accounts are in CAD, but not the reports or the Net worth displayed on the Accounts/All Transactions display.
The Preference for Calendar and currency only has the option to set calendar preferences, not currency.
How do I change all currency settings to CAD?


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    I'm afraid you are out of luck.  The Quicken Windows Canadian version is supposed to lock the home currency to CAD, which would dictate what current all the "views" use.  As a result, there isn't any setting to change the home currency.  In Quicken Windows US, there is such a setting, but and it has been requested for in the Canadian version, but they have never changed it.

    The big question is why it got set to USD in the first place when doing the conversion. My guess would be since Quicken Mac doesn't really have full multiple currency support it, it just looks like USD/default to the conversion.

    I do know that if one opens up a Quicken Windows US data file set with the home currency of USD the same thing happens.  If you had Quicken Windows US, you would be able to open the data file, change the home currency and then open it in the Canadian version, but at least between Quicken Windows US and Quicken Windows Canadian those are two different licenses.

    EDIT Maybe Quicken Support can help to change it over:
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