Uncategorized count incorrect under Spending

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When I go to Spending, it shows me my transactions and it also shows a little box that says, "1 Uncategorized Transaction". When I click on that box, however, it lists a $0.00 transaction in the upper right, but the transaction list is completely empty. Quicken support was unable to solve the issue, and I've taken the following steps:
. Ran Validate & Repair multiple times - it finds no errors.
. Logged out of my account and logged back in.
. Looked for the Uncategorized category under Tools/CategoryList. Nothing shows up.
. Restarted the app and my machine.

The only thing I haven't done is uninstall/reinstall, which seems like overkill. Has anyone else seen this issue or know how to fix it? I know's it isn't a major problem, but it is annoying since I'm trying to keep all my expenses categorized and this is misleading.



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    Could the Uncategorized transaction be a split line within a transaction?
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  • JonAv
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    Good, thought, but I looked through all my split transactions and I'm not seeing any uncategorized entries. Also, based on the Payee it's showing, It could be coming from a paycheck entry, but I also don't see any problems with those.
  • JonAv
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    This problem was due to my paycheck entry. I had set up an income reminder with a complete breakdown of my paycheck so I could track taxes, but for some reason something in there was creating an uncategorized entry. I decided to give up and got rid of the reminder and the breakdown and now I'm just tracking the net amount. Once I did this, the uncategorized entry went away. Not sure exactly what was wrong, but I guess I'll give up on using paycheck reminders. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
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