Problem with Investment Performance report

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Using Quicken Premiere Windows, R46.12.

Problem with Investment Performance report. During the period covered
by the report, Fidelity converted my shares of "Fidelity 500 Index Fund
Premium Class" to "Fidelity 500 Index Fund Institutional Premium Class".
I got Quicken to model this transaction and it seemed to go well.

Quicken generated a transaction with action "Removed" for 406.852 shares
of the old fund, with an "Inv. Amt" equal to -$36,704.34.

Quicken also generated a series of transactions with action "Added".
When I added up the shares expressed in all of these transactions, I
got back the above value 406.852 shares. All good. Quicken is preserving
cost basis information, I guess.

Now here is the problem. When I generate the report, the transaction
with action "Removed" a value of $15,769,691.66 in the "Returns" column.

If I live to be 100, US$15 million will never pass through my hands. I
guarantee it.

I see a similar problem with another conversion. In the register, 411.297
shares of a mutual fund were converted. Quicken recorded an "Inv. Amt"
equal to -$37,103.88. Quite reasonable. In the report I generated, the
value appears as a row with 45,435.97 in the "Returns" column. Not so
far off this time, but the negative sign is missing.

Any suggestions?


  • q_lurker
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    check your security prices for those two securities on that date. 
  • Jim_Harman
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    Did you enter this conversion by using Quicken's "Mutual Fund Conversion function? And if you go to the Account details for the old security, is the "Use average cost" box checked? If so, you have encountered a bug in Quicken that causes a huge error in your post-conversion cost basis. 

    I suggest you back up your data, then delete the Removed and Added transactions. Clear the Use Average Cost box and enter the Mutual Fund Conversion again.
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