Will the subscription convert (old) 2015/2016 Quicken QDF/QIF to the latest version?

Taylor Smith
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Will the Quicken Canada Starter monthly subscription be able to convert the older 2015/2016 QDF files to a recognizable format in the latest Quicken?

All I want to do is convert my old Quicken data set (QDF) to CSV. I have over 20 different financial institutions, each containing about 5 accounts within and over 20K transactions in total.

I don't want to go one by one, I want to convert the entire QDF file (if possible) to CSV.

As there are no third party converters which will convert QDF to CSV directly. I searched for more than 6 years (since my 2016 version stopped working).

Will the latest version of Quicken allow me to convert to CSV without much effort? For instance, If I'm looking to export all my financial transactions including banking info to CSV. I read somewhere that I may need to convert to QIF first and then use another paid application to convert QIF to CSV.

I no longer have Quicken installed on my old Windows 7 machine. I also wasn't successful in trying to reinstall it again.

Additionally, It's not feasible to pay a monthly fee (subscription) but I don't mind a one time monthly fee (cancelling within the 30 days) if it can do what I want without much effort.


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