No Payee in Top Payees window.

I see the transactions I did on the home - dashboard. I have a line says no payee that has an amount there, I clicked on that no payee line but all payees are accounted for, this and last year, why is that?


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    Does the transaction in question have a split category?
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    I cant find any transactions that relate to the $ amount(s) I don't have an answer to split categories question?
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    @pt216 - I think I have been able to duplicate in a TEST file the issue you are seeing.
    Clicking on this pulls up the Spending Payee report but does not show this No Payee transaction nor any No Payee transactions that total up to the amount shown above.
    I then customized the report making sure to select All Accounts, All Categories, only "No Payee" for Payees and it still it does not show up in the Spending by Payees report.
    I then tried one additional report customization:  Selected "Include All" transfers from the Advance tab and it then popped up:
    The question is, what is different with this one transaction from the others that are shown in this report since it is only this one transaction that is showing up in the Top Payees card in the Dashboard for "No Payee"? 
    This investment account is set up for Simple Investing so I changed it to Complete Investing (on the General tab of Account Details) and also changed it so that Cash is not shown in a checking account.   Now I can see the specific transaction is a MiscExp investment transaction:
    Clicking on Edit for this transaction shows the following:
    The Transfer Account field drop-down only shows transfer transaction options. 
    • I then tried to enter a transfer into this same account and got an error message that a category must be selected, not a transfer.  However, there are no categories shown in the drop-down to select from. 
    • Then when I tried to manually enter a category I get an error message that I must enter an Account name instead which it does not let me do.
    So, in my case it appears there is a bug here.  Dashboard is looking for a Payee when a Payee is not even an option in the Misc Expense details.
    Why don't you try going through the steps I did above and let me know if you are finding the same issue.  The steps might be a bit different for you depending on your situation but I'm guessing you will find a similar situation as what I have....a misc expense investment transaction that cannot be set up correctly and that Quicken is picking up and reporting for not having a Payee.
    (QW Premier Subscription: R47.15 on Windows 11)
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