Quicken and Chase Bank - Having Trouble with Sweep Account QACDS

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Beginning in January, I automated my Chase Investment accounts with Quicken. Interest, dividends, reinvestments are downloading smoothly. I am having trouble with the Sweep Account QACDS. It is a money market $1 per share account. Quicken continues to ask me how much cash I have in the account. I continue to get placeholder entries and entries to remove cash from my account, based on how I answer the cash question.

I appreciate any suggestions from the community.


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    Most likely when asked how you wanted to treat QACDS you selected as a security.
    That is basically telling Quicken that you want to buy/sell QACDS to fund these transactions instead of using the cash balance in the investment account.  That is certainly one way to handle this, but I don't think that Chase is always sending the right buy/sell transactions for this to work right.

    What I did is tell Quicken I wanted to treat QACDS as cash so that the investment cash balance is used instead, and that seems to be working pretty well.

    If you go to the register and select the gear icon -> Update Cash Balance -> Cash Representation you should get something like this dialog:

    Selecting Change will make Quicken prompt on how you want it to handle this on your next download.

    I also think this does it too:
    Open the Account Details -> Online Services -> Reset Money Marget securities/cash options
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