Beginner - What date do I start with importing?

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1. Where do I start regarding importing date? Should I start past 30 days of my bank or bring in as much history?

2. When I import my expenses, should I use the same date I used in question #1?

3. Should I import my transactions the first of every month?


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    If you are going to use One Step Update to download and import your transactions into Quicken, you have NO control over how much history to brought in.  The financial institution decides that.
    You can delete some of the history from the register is you want, you will just have to change the amount in the Opening Balance of each account to compensate for the deleted transactions, just write down the ending balance before you start deleting so that you know what it needs to be when you are done.
    You will need to keep any transactions that haven't cleared before your start date, i.e. like a check that is in the mail or given at Christmas and hasn't gotten to your bank yet.
    I'd probably start with 1/1/2023 transactions if I were starting Quicken afresh

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    If you decide you want to download more transaction history, like the last 6 months, this FAQ post covers how to do that:

    Regarding your question 3, I would recommend downloading transactions at least once per week. That way the purchases are more likely to be fresh in your mind, making categorization easier.

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