Do I import both my checking AND credit transactions?

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I imported my savings and checking account. Does it make sense to "also" import my credit card transactions? If so, then I feel like I am doubling my expenses.

I pay my credit card bill out of my checking, if I also import my credit card transactions, will my expenses double (like a false positive)? Or do I pick one or the other?


  • TheCPA
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    Quicken will categorize the payment from your checking as a transfer to your credit card. This is not recognized as an expense, so net zero
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    Yes, you want to download/import your credit card accounts.  The payment from checking to the credit card will be a Quicken transfer where the category in each transaction will point to the other account and it will be in square brackets like [CapOne Visa] and [Checking] for the checking and credit card transactions respectively.
    Being a transfer, it is neither an expense or income.
    Having the credit card account allows you to properly categorize each purchase appropriately and if the charge at a store is an odd mix of things like you went to Walmart and bought a TV along with a bunch of groceries, you can make the credit card transaction a split for those two categories.
    If you did all this in the checking account payment, you would need to enter it as a split with a BUNCH of lines to properly categorize everything and do it when you finally get around to making the payment and that would be a lot to remember.
    Also downloading once a week or more often makes the end of the month a lot easier and you remember better what the categorization should be.

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