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Been a quicken user for close to 20 years. One thing I keep asking for is to improve the ability of the user to set column widths. Example. I have a saved report for my account balances for the past 12 months. Two problems:
1st, the default column widths do not allow me to see all 12 months without scrolling. 2nd. although I can change individual column widths I have to do it 12 times (for this particular report). PLEASE ALLOW US TO ADJUST THE ALL THE COLUMN WIDTHS WITH ONE COMMAND OR MOUSE CLICK. Its very cumbersome and time consuming to do so
3rd: when I save the report the column widths revert back to the default so I have to do this EVERY TIME I run the report

and we'll I'm at it, I use the large font view as the default font is hard to read. I'm aware that in preferences you can change the font size but doing so doesn't change the column width making a ridiculous looking report with a tiny font and a column width at least twice the size of the largest number.
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  • johnlebas
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    I have used Quicken since 1990. Until recently, this was not a problem. I do not know which release broke this functionality that had been in place for years. You would think that Quicken would test their releases before distributing them to find and fix bugs like this. And that they have not fixed this problem is unacceptable.