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dave hulett
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Been a quicken user for close to 20 years. One thing I keep asking for is to improve the ability of the user to set column widths. Example. I have a saved report for my account balances for the past 12 months. Two problems:
1st, the default column widths do not allow me to see all 12 months without scrolling. 2nd. Although I can change individual column widths I have to do it 12 times (for this particular report). Please allow us to adjust all the column widths with one command or mouse click. Its very cumbersome and time consuming to do so
3rd: when I save the report the column widths revert back to the default so I have to do this EVERY TIME I run the report

and we'll I'm at it, I use the large font view as the default font is hard to read. I'm aware that in preferences you can change the font size but doing so doesn't change the column width making a ridiculous looking report with a tiny font and a column width at least twice the size of the largest number.

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  • johnlebas
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    I have used Quicken since 1990. Until recently, this was not a problem. I do not know which release broke this functionality that had been in place for years. You would think that Quicken would test their releases before distributing them to find and fix bugs like this. And that they have not fixed this problem is unacceptable.
  • GregoryAChilds

    This is my number one complaint as I waste so much time adjusting the columns every time I return from the register!

  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken has made some changes to the reports recently. What version are you running?

    Also there are over 40 built in reports and they are all different. What particular report(s) are not saving the column widths?

    What exactly are you doing when you "return from the register"? Are you accessing a saved report or one of the built in reports?

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  • dave hulett
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    NONE of the reports allow you to save changed column widths. running R52.28 After changing column widths I save the report to "my saved reports" been complaining about this for years.

  • Jim_Harman
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    @dave hulett

    Some reports, such as the Banking Transaction report, now save changed column widths as soon as you make the change even if you don't save the report. Other reports now let you auto-size the column widths.

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  • WvomSaal
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    Search for "column widths" in these discussions and you will find MANY different threads complaining about the inability to set and save the column widths in reports. [Removed - Speculation] I have used Quicken for many years and am very happy with many of its features. But the inability to produce a properly formatted report that I can print and share is a major concern. Please escalate this problem and fix it!

  • thomaswolf1096

    This is still a problem. I have told Quicken many times over 50 years and still they do not fix it. Seems simple fix.

  • Alan_Jay_Weiner
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    This has been a problem for years. [Removed - Disruptive] Every time I change a transaction and the report updates, it [messes] up the columns! [Removed - Rant]

  • thg
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    Problem still persists even though I receive update loads many times each year.[Removed - Rant]

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    [Removed - Off Topic]

  • Judy
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    I agree that this is a very time-consuming, irritating and frustrating defect in Reports. For preparing for my tax return, I run the Itemized Category Report, that I customize each year, with the same format. I run the report and every time I leave the screen, the column widths change and in order to see the information I need, I am constantly having to resize the column widths. Columns such as Tags, for example, are much wider than the Description column. I want to see the Category, Description, Account, Amount, etc. all on one screen, without having to constantly adjust the column widths. Please prioritize this fix as I now see that so many other people have complained about this for many years and it is still not fixed.

  • Dean100
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    I agree. The all-important Date column is completely collapsed in the indented views. Nor does Saving a report preserve the expansion of hierarchy. Ridiculous. I have written better software than this!

  • Truaxis
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    Not only a vote for default column widths but also default column TITLES!! EVERY time I run a report I have to go back to "Customize" and check "Amount" and deselect Tag, Tax Item, and Notes. The whole point of having financial software is to see NUMBERS! That's what AMOUNT shows!! As a 30+ year user, Quicken used to do this. Come on guys, WAKE UP! To have the best financial software on the planet you can't program default settings for column width and column titles?? I might as well go back to my original Quicken for DOS!!

  • Paul Makulski
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    Agreed. Ridiculous.
    I have many custom reports.
    Columns: Date, Description, Tag, Memo, Amount
    Every time I open it starts with widths 25, 40, 30, 10, 3
    To use the report I manually change to 30, 45, 15, 40, 10
    The next time I open the report it is back to 25, 40, 30, 10, 3
    Saving it with the desired column widths is NEVER retained.
    Having to do this every time I need a report is a WASTE OF TIME.

    Please fix this. Save the user defined column widths in the reports definition.

    Every time report is opened it looks like this:

    But I'd like it to open like this: