I can not get Quicken to connect to my bank.

I keep getting error codes OL 221 A and OL 297 A How do I get quicken to connect to my bank to down load?


  • Katrina52
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    This is not the perfect situation, but I've found in the past that if I log into my bank online and download from there sometimes Quicken will recognize the bank. Give that a try and if it works then once you get the updated file and match or enter the transactions try doing the download from Quicken again. Even go to the account (select the gear at the top right of your screen and Edit Account). Go to the Online Services tab and do Reset Account. Sometimes this corrects the file mapping issues.
  • Fayjoh2
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    thank you Katrina 52. I have done all of that. Quicken will not allow the bank to connect either.
  • NotACPA
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    @Fayjoh2, What Q product are you running and what BUILD of that product?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
    What bank?  And what type of account are you trying to connect?
    Have you done a search, using the box at the top of the Home page, to see if there are any outstanding issues with your bank?

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