Problem with Net Worth Calculation

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In the last week I've noticed that the Net Worth amount isn't properly calculated for some of my investment accounts, not all of them, just a few. I did a "verify" of my file and I still have the same issue. Trying to figure out the problem, I picked one of these accounts and displayed and downloaded the report into Excel. I found out that the "Cash" column has an incorrect total. If I sum up all amounts in the "Cash" column, the total I get does not match the total value shown on the report however it does match the actual cash amount in my investment account. Something is clearly wrong with the report. Anyone else seeing this issue?


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    I assume the unnamed report was the Investment Transactions report, a report that included all dates for the Account?
    Is the difference between your summing of the cash transactions and the Balance for cash shown on the report the same as the miscalculation you're seeing in the Net Worth report?  What number is shown in that Account's "Holdings" list of securities and cash?  Does that number match the Investment Transactions' Balance? 
    Is the "Cash Balance" shown in the "Account Status" area the same as the amount shown in the Holdings list, or different?
    Are there any Placeholder entries in that Account?
    When you did your file's Validation did you first create a Copy of that file and then validate the Copy?  The act of making a Copy sometimes makes some subtle corrections to the data.
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    I have restored last week backup and saw the same issue. I restored the backup from 2 weeks ago and now the Net Worth report is correct. I have no idea what could have caused this issue in the past 2 weeks. Quicken only knows! (sarcasm) I'm not going to waste any more time on this. In any case please disregard this post. Thank you for your help.
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