Red X in Transfer field for valid quicken account (Q Mac)

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I am experiencing the same issue others reported w/o any posts pointing to a resolution. transfers from other quicken accounts show a red X as if the account is invalid. you have to remove the category and transfer, save the item, then edit and use the same account name anti works properly. run on Mac sb 6.11.3

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November 2022 edited December 2022
For some time now I've had a Rules for a daily transfer from my checking account that renames and then uses QuickFill to automatically register the transaction as a transfer to another account. It's worked great in about ~45 days ago the transfer account is showing as invalid (red x). If I try to manually correct the transaction by reflecting the account it fails. I have to erase the transfer account, save the transaction and then retype the transfer account into the transaction it is saved. The target account name has not changed, I've deleted and readded the QuickFill with no luck. I had assumed it was a bug and would be corrected in an update, however the last Q4M update 6.10.2 made no difference.


  • I have this same issue. Can someone from Quicken please address?
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    @smredinger @jay.r @checkyourmirrors

    Are you syncing your Quicken data with the Quicken Cloud (for use in the mobile app or in the web app)? If so, I would suggest you
    1. turn off syncing: Preferences => Mobile, Web & Alerts => Sync: Off
    2. clean up any problems related to transfers as described in the previous posts in this discussion. I. e. fix the bad transfers, and delete any related Quick Fill rules.
    3. reset the Cloud Account: Preferences => Connected Services => Cloud Account: Reset button
    4. verify the cleanups in step 2 are still intact. If not fix them (and let us know if this happens so we can learn from your experience.)
    The above procedure may be applying a sledgehammer to a thumbtack, but hopefully it will clear out the problem. 
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    I have this problem too, with a regular monthly transfer. Manually resetting the "to" account does not fix it - the red arrow just comes back. I am NOT using Quicken Cloud and never have.

    Where are the "previous posts in this discussion"? I see none.
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    @PQuincy Is this a scheduled transaction in Quicken Mac? A downloaded transaction? A downloaded transaction which auto-matches to a scheduled transactions? Please provide more details so we can try to help.

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    I have the same issue. It appears to be a relatively recent development, and deleting the category/transfer then reentering does not always fix the problem. It has applied retroactively to *some* older transfers but not all. There seems to be no consistent pattern. For me, these are not scheduled transactions and are always downloaded.
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