How do I split transactions b/t budgets so they don't show in one or the other?

One feature that got me to buy Quicken was that I could set up multiple budgets. However, I can't find any way of designating a transaction for one budget or the other.

For example, if I want categories ABC in one budget and DEF in another, I only want transactions for those categories in each budget/actual. As it is now, if I'm looking at budget for categories ABC, all of the transactions for DEF land in the "Everything Else" automatic category and ruin the total budget.

I assume that if Quicken made a way to make more than one budget, there must be a way to only have transactions for that budget show up in it and not get messed up with transactions for a different budget entirely. But I don't see any way to exclude transactions for one budget from the other. I don't know why one would want more than one budget with all of the same transactions.

I appreciate any help anyone can provide.


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    Budgets are based on categories, with "filtering" for accounts.  It is impossible to have one transaction be in only one budget if both the category and account are selected in both budgets.

    If you want a given transaction to appear only in one budget, you need to use a different category it that is only in the one budget.

    If they supported tags in budgets that might have been another possibility, but unfortunately they don't.
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    Yes, you can't use tags to filter actuals, etc. on the planning budget tab.  However, FWIW, budget reports for a selected budget can be run that filter transactions based on tags. Thus reports could be run showing budget results vs actuals, but none of the other budgeting management features like rollover etc could be used.  Really crude, but I thought it worth mentioning in the rare case a "dumb" budget vs actuals would work?

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