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Warning for Express Web Connect + and using old data files.

Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
Before the changeover to Express Web Connect + my common testing of problems would lots of times involve opening up an older copy of my data file and work with that.  For instance, to test redownloading of transactions with different settings on.

It has been known for some time that doing restores is "dangerous", well unfortunately with Express Web Connect + using an old copy of your data file is also "dangerous".

We all know that Quicken Windows has had very hard time with keeping the sync between the Quicken Desktop data file and the Quicken Cloud dataset 'in sync"/working right (with Sync to Mobile/Web on).

And it has been known that Express Web Connect and Express Web Connect + both now use sync to the Quicken Cloud dataset to download transactions.  But it always seemed that before Express Web Connect + that there weren't any problems using an old data file.

That isn't true anymore, at least not with Express Web Connect +.  Even a one-day old data file will cause problems if you run One Step Update on it.  You can get all kinds of different problems like it not updating transactions anymore or saying a given account can't be found.

Running Reset Account is what seems to be needed to fix it and get it back in sync.  Note that deleting the Quicken Cloud dataset doesn't seem to have any effect.

Also, I have a warning about Reset Account.  Once you get to the point where you are to link the online accounts to the ones in Quicken, Quicken selects "link to", but in a lot of cases doesn't select the right account in Quicken.  This is easy to miss because the "nick name" is in light gray text.  If you mess up, you end up with online accounts linked to the wrong accounts in Quicken (sound familiar?).
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