Import Ancient Sharebuilder Data?

Years ago, I was investing and reinvesting dividends automatically in SPY using Sharebuilder (or Sharebuilder which became CapitolOne Sharebuilder, which became AmeritradeCapitolOne Investing. Sigh) I diligently downloaded the data each year and now have 8 years of lengthy csv lists that look like this:

Date Action Security Price Quantity Amount Text Memo Commission
8/17/2010 Buy SPY 109.899 0.4186 -50 order posting 4

Is there any way to import this into a "dummy" transition account? Then I could just use "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" to move them to the current account and retain all of the cost basis info including the commissions, right?


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    @Chris_QPW has an import tool that might be able to import your share builder data. 

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    ImportQIF is free and should be able to handle an investment transaction like that.  Mapping investment transactions/security actions is harder than non-investment transactions, but as long as the data has the right columns of data it should be fine and doesn't have unusual security action types it should be fine.  You can find it at my website:

    There shouldn't be any reason that you can't import the data directly into the account in question, there shouldn't be any need to move the transactions.  But if there is a need to move transactions and you are using Quicken Subscription, I would use the Move Transactions menu item under the register's gear icon instead.  "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" works by putting in Remove Shares in the from account and Add Shares in the to account, whereas Move Transactions actually moves the transactions between accounts.
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