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Exported MAC version files to .qdf. Running Windows 11 Home and Quicken Deluxe Ver.R47.11 Import went fairly well until I started trying to do the One Step Update. Update complete but then I get the following error: "CC-800; It appears one or more accounts at (bank name) have been deleted. This could happen if you restore from a backup file. You must add the accounts to Quicken again. Select FIX IT to resolve this error" Nothing happens when I select FIX IT. Also NO ACCOUNTS have been deleted in a long long time. On the account listing there is a O with a slash through it indicating which accounts will trigger the error. I think the flag and error are erroneous and would like to know how to get rid of the error.


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    I haven't found "fix it" to work for this kind of problem.  I suggest you try right clicking on the account in the Account bar and select Edit/Delete account -> Account Details -> Online Services tab -> Reset Account

    EDIT if you are prompted to link online accounts to Quicken accounts be very careful that they are being linked to the correct account(s).  The grayed out "Nick name" is the name of the account in Quicken and is so light that it is easy to miss that it might be pointing to the wrong account.
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