Lost Quicken 15 Version

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After many successful years of using Version 15, as I was doing year-end and starting a new year, I selected New Version and can not seem to retrieve my 15 program and 24 years of files. Whew! Any help out there? I have everything backed up on a flash drive.


  • jacobs
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    I'm not quite sure I understand what you're referring to. By "Version 15", are you referring to Quicken Mac 2015?

    Then you said you selected "New Version", and I have no idea what you mean here. If you were using Quicken Mac 2015, the only "new version" is if you bought and paid for the current Quicken Mac subscription program.

    If you were using Quicken Mac 2015…
    • Quicken Mac doesn't have any year-end procedure, so what exactly do you mean when you say you were "doing year-end"? 
    • What version of macOS are you running? Have you updated your macOS anytime recently? 
    • Have you looked in the Application folder, and Quicken 2015.app is not there?
    • Do you do any backups of your Mac, such as with Time Machine or any other backup service or manual backup?

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