Is the team aware that the latest version (6.12) won't actually install?

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Opening Quicken (6.11.3), and was prompted for the latest update. Clicked "Install Update", it downloads 233.2 MB of content, then extracts, then prompts me to "Install and Relaunch". When doing so … I'm running 6.11.3 again, and am immediately prompted to update to 6.12 … again.

Repeat ad nauseam.

If I dismiss the update dialog, I'm prompted "Are you sure you don't want to update"? (Um, no - I *do* want to update, but I *can't*…)

It looks like the auto-update mechanism is currently broken - as after the update process is complete, it doesn't actually replace the active application (which is located in /Applications, set to correct permissions, etc.).

Will there be an official communication regarding this, and when it will be fixed?


  • Jon
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    What version of Mac OS are you running? I've successfully upgraded 6.11.3 to 6.12 on two Macs running Ventura 13.2.

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  • jacobs
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    Quicken 6.12 installed correctly for me on a Mac running Monterey 12.6.2.

    (But this release still runs on the same operating systems as the previous version of Quicken. The cutoff for High Sierra and Mojave is after this release, whenever the next one comes out.)
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  • RickO
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    This has not been otherwise reported. There is very likely a glitch in your system causing this.

    Two suggestions:
    1. Restart the computer and try again
    2. Delete from the top level applications folder. Then go log in at and manually download and run the installer.
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  • magoodm
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    I actually had a similar experience. Yesterday I was prompted to do the update which I did successfully. Then while using the new release later in the day, I was prompted to update again. Even though the new update prompt was for the same version I had already installed, I allowed it to do it again without any issue. I haven't seen the prompt today.
  • jacobs
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    @magoodm I think they released version 6.12.0 earlier in the day, and then patched something and re-released it, because it went to 6.12.1. So you probably got both releases. 
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  • CyborgOne
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    I have a feeling I may have caught it during the 6.12.0 -> 6.12.1 transition, because after a reboot (which should not have affected anything; permissions remained the same, etc.), I have now been able to successfully update to the latest release. 

    Thanks for the replies and ideas, all! I greatly appreciate the responsiveness of the Community regarding such issues.
  • jacobs
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    @CyborgOne Glad to hear that it now installed correctly. It's unusual for them to release the new version and then release an update to it on the same day; they must have found something minor not configured correctly in that first release. 
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  • CyborgOne
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    And, FWIW: Today's update to 6.12.2 went very smoothly; no issues, no re-attempts.
  • Imlost
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    Today, Feb. 13, the update starts very slowly, and then I get an Error Box.
    Update Error! An error occurred while downloading the update. Please try again later. With attendant Cancel Update button.
    I tried several times and have given up.

    macOS 13.1
    2017 iMac.
  • Glaird
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    I find it curious in support communities, all the success stories are punishing in their tones and offer absolutely no tangible help.
    I'm running a 2019 iMac, OS 12.6.3, and I continually have been trying to install Quicken for Mac. It gets trapped in an endless loop, asking me to authorize the installation, via the Administrator. Each iteration, whether I try executing the alleged app in the application folder or simply run through the endless circle of "double click on icon" "to install fill in your Administrator's name and password". Meanwhile copies of, just pile up in the trash bin.
    I've also logged on as Administrator and attempted to install Quicken, with exactly the same mindless endless loop to nowhere.
    I was promised a phone call, from the alleged "development team", over a week ago. No call. No change in installation. No change in version of Quicken for Mac.
  • jacobs
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    Glaird said:
    I find it curious in support communities, all the success stories are punishing in their tones and offer absolutely no tangible help.
    @Glaird Huh? The original post here, and replies to it, was a success story. Who was "punishing" whom?

    As best I can see, this is your first post here, and you haven't previously reported a problem or asked for help. It appears you spoke with Quicken Support; you should be aware that this forum is not connected with Quicken Support. We're fellow Quicken users here, trying to help each other, along with a few Quicken moderators who sometimes also chime in with suggestions. 

    You are also likely aware that there are not masses of other people reporting the problem you're encountering. So there is likely something about your particular Mac's set-up which is triggering a problem in the installation. People here would be happy to try to help you with suggestions — if that's what you're seeking — but you'd need to start from the beginning and, well, invite that you're seeking help. From what you've shared, something may be unusual about asking for an Administrator name, as that's not something I've ever seen -- but on my Macs, my regular User is an administrator. Could you take a breath, and walk through exactly what you're doing and seeing, step by step. (Screen shots of dialogs can be helpful here.)
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