Budget "actuals" incorrect for _RlzdGain category

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In January of this year I sold several securities in a Roth IRA. I use the _RlzdGain category in my budget. In my budget "actuals" for January, the gross proceeds amount of the sales is shown instead of the net gain or loss of the trades.

Ironically, if I run a capital gains report all the data is correct and the report shows the resulting net gains/losses of the trades.

I would appreciate any help as to why the budget "actual" numbers are being misreported and how to correct them.

Thank you.


  • Tom Young
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    This has been reported previously, with no known resolution.
    The Capital Gains report in its original form only includes after tax Accounts since it "knows" that capital gains and losses inside tax deferred Accounts don't get reported.  I assume you've customized the Capital Gains report to include tax deferred Accounts?
    I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to have this presentation occur and I'm guessing that this might be due to some subtle (maybe unintentional?) change in the report itself?
    I haven't used the budgeting aspect of Quicken for some time now but I have a saved Budget Report from the time I used to use it, so I pulled that up.  The original saved Budget Report ignored all tax deferred Accounts, so I modified to include all of those Accounts and ran the report.  I didn't see what you've reported here.  That is, the _RlzdGain figure in the Budget Report only included actual gains, not the proceeds.
    Very strange.
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