Sweep funds are not handled correctly

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SCHWAB GOVT MONEY FUND is used as a sweep fund. These are securities used in to obtain higher interest rates than a money market fund. Buy and sells should be ignored and not be entered as a security nor change the cash balance. Dividends should be added to the cash fund. Please create a security Type so sweep securities are handled correctly. 


  • Tom Young
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    It appears to me that you elected to have SCHWAB GOVT MONEY FUND treated as a security if you're seeing buys and sells being downloaded into Quicken. 
    If the fund is a true "sweep" fund in that any cash that shows up in the account is automatically "swept" into the SCHWAB GOVT MONEY FUND and any need for cash, (e.g., you bought a stock) is automatically swept out of the SCHWAB GOVT MONEY FUND, then electing to have the fund shown as "cash" in Quicken is perfectly OK.  (Other Schwab MM funds require that you actually initiate buys and sells and settlement is the day after the transaction.  In that case it make more sense to have the fund treated as a security.)
    You might try clicking on the Update Cash Balance item from the drop-down list that shows up when you click the Account's gearwheel icon and see if that brings up an option as to Cash Representation.  I think that deactivating Schwab Accounts (I think it's best to deactivate all of them) and then setting them up again for downloading might also ask the question as to how you want to see SCHWAB GOVT MONEY FUND represented in your Accounts.
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