Upgraded to new version--now two instances of each account

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I recently upgraded my Quicken 2017 (manually kept - not online) to the new version with bank connectivity. Now in my accounts list I have TWO instances of each of my accounts! WHY? One has the correct balance and the other does not. Can I delete one or will it delete all my transaction history from the past several years?


  • Tom Young
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    This is just a guess of course, but it certainly sounds like when you were establishing connections with the Financial Institutions you were telling Quicken to ADD the Account to the file rather than LINK to an existing Account.
    Do both Accounts seem to be connected to their respective Financial Institutions (FIs). or only the "new" Accounts.
    If one of the two Accounts has the correct balance, including recently downloaded transactions, then deleting the other Account shouldn't be a problem, but if the upgrade just happened recently I might just delete the new file with 2 of each Account and start over, making sure to LINK accounts at the FIs to Accounts in Quicken.
  • glieb
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    Yes, I failed to LINK the accounts, fixed , thanks.
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